About Us

CannaSecure Alliance assists Cannabis industry owners, operators and executives in achieving
profitable growth by resolving the critical business challenges of:

  • Sustainable banking using compliant payment solutions and traditional banking relationships
  • De-risking operational liabilities and exposures relating to your property and personnel
  • Finance strategies for receivables, equipment, inventory, real estate, acquisitions and capital planning
  • Energy cost savings from wind, solar and storage – augmented by rebates, tax benefits & financing options

Our Mission: Mitigate risks and challenges inherent in the industry so clients can achieve improved profitability

What We Do

Payment and Banking Solutions

We strive to create a “normal” banking environment for our clients

Services include:
  • PIN-Debit payment processing
  • Traditional bank services
  • Legacy cash deposit service
  • CBD/hemp merchant processing

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Finance and Capital Solutions

We facilitate both debt and equity finance using our consultative approach and arrange competitive solutions that include:

  • Equity Investments
  • Traditional Debt
  • Inventory
  • Facilities
  • Factoring
  • Equipment
  • LOCs

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Insurance Products and Services

Comprehensive Cannabis-specific solutions for the complete industry supply chain

We provide risk mitigation for operational and facility exposures, as well as new-to-market health care benefits for employer groups and individuals

We have deep experience in providing actionable solutions for a range of insurable exposures

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Renewable Energy Solutions

We provide consultative services to support high energy usage clients in identifying and quantifying the advantages of our industry-leading wind, solar and storage solutions

An added plus are the various financing options available, as well as rebate and tax incentives that further enhance already attractive economics

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