Renewable Energy Solutions

Best-in-Class renewable energy solutions for the Cannabis industry

Power generation is a significant expense for growers and manufacturers. Without a consistent source, power can also represent a significant business continuation risk. CannaSecurePWR brings a consultative approach to this situation and can often deliver an abundance of power at significantly lower costs.

What We Do

Renewable Energy Solutions

Utilizing a combination of small wind, solar and cutting-edge storage, we can provide a completely self-supporting nano-grid with no foundation or hard wiring required.

The system:

  • Provides power in common wind speeds of 5-15 mph
  • Utilizes patented biomimetic blades
  • Is robust – can withstand sand, freezing temps, heat (IP66/67)
  • Features a portable, telescoping pole; cantilever mounted
  • Using a drag design to accelerate wind along the blade’s surface is more efficient than traditional lift blades

The CannaSecurePWR solution is a patented biomimetic blade design that, although it may look like a traditional wind blade, it isn’t. The blades use a drag design that is more efficient than traditional lift blades for small wind. The torque or power provided allows the blades to turn a different type of generator that will produce power in common wind speeds of 5-15 mph. The system uses a portable, telescoping pole and a cantilevered installation. The smaller 9 blade rotors and lower rpms make the units quiet and bird safe.

Coupling this patented design with efficient solar provides a hybrid power solution that can produce inexpensive electricity that can be stored for later use or for commercial sale. In addition, these systems meet various state and federal rebate and tax incentives that can make the installation very affordable and easy to finance.

We look forward to discussions with you to determine whether this alternative energy solution would be appropriate for your location and, if it is, to design a savings plan that meets your requirements.

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