Larry Walters

Larry Walters is in charge of Administration and Operations, taking lead position on contracts, financial modeling, internal/external reporting, technology, and operational excellence.

Larry is an insurance actuary, bringing more than 30 years of relevant life, health and commercial property-casualty insurance experience in business development, risk assessment/management, and Investor Relations. Throughout his career and over the past decade as a consultant, Larry has been a pioneer, working with colleagues and clients to develop and implement new product lines, new marketing platforms, and delivery mechanisms for new and evolving solutions.

Currently residing in the New Orleans area, Larry is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA), a former Senior Roundtable Member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), and a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist (DCFS). When not spending time with his 5 grandchildren, Larry enjoys exploring life under water as a scuba enthusiast. He can be reached at